I wasn’t feeling too good last night and laid awake from about 1am until 4 listening to the radio.  By the way, my not feeling good had nothing to do with the virus… it was me eating way too much before going to bed.  Who woulda thought spicy chicken enchiladas, pumpkin pie, and iced tea at 10:00pm would cause heartburn?

As I tossed and turned while listening to the radio I had a ton of funny thoughts and interesting observations that I couldn’t wait to share with everyone in this blog.  I eventually got a couple hours of sleep, and when I woke up none of that stuff seemed to be as hilarious or as thought provoking in the light of day as it was while I was sleep deprived in the dark.  I just tried for a couple of hours to write an entertaining version of all the things that were on my mind in those overnight hours, but it’s a no go.  If you can believe it I was rambling even more pointlessly than normal.

Actually, there is one thing still rolling around in my big dumb brain.  I’m thinking about holiday music.  There are radio stations that have been playing Christmas music for a couple of weeks now.  Why can’t we have a month of Thanksgiving songs, and then start playing the Xmas tunes on Black Friday?  I really love Christmas music, but I’m opposed to it being played too early.

It’d be kind of cool to have a station that for most of the month of November played nothing but songs about fall, food, turkey, family, Native Americans, pilgrims, falling leaves, pumpkins, etc…  There are only a few that I can think of off the top of my head that are specifically about the Thanksgiving holiday, but we need a whole lot more.  We can start with:

Alice’s Restaurant- Arlo Guthrie
The Thanksgiving Song- Adam Sandler
My Thanksgiving- Don Henley
Almost Thanksgiving Day- Graham Parker
Thanksgiving Day- Ray Davies
Thanksgiving- Stephen Kellogg

Actually, that song from Stephen Kellogg is ten minutes long, and it’s a pretty dark story about a dysfunctional family, but it’s only half as long as Alice’s Restaurant.  It’s also not nearly as sad as that Christmas Shoes song that gets played ALL THE TIME.  You know the one where a little boy wants to buy pretty shoes for his dying mother so she looks nice when she meets Jesus.  Just sayin’.

I suppose we could stretch and play songs for Turkey Day like “I Thank You” by Sam & Dave, “Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin, Pie” by Jay & the Techniques, “Pass The Peas” by James Brown, and anything by The Cranberries.  Maybe “Black Friday” by Steely Dan.  Is “Indian Reservation” by Paul Revere & The Raiders off limits now?

Let’s get some of these popular singers and songwriters to crank out a few appropriate tunes.  Michael Buble?  Taylor Swift?  Billie Eilish?  Drake?  Beyonce?  Pentatonix?  We’re looking at you.  How hard could it be to get us some new songs for T-giving?

What else do you got?  What songs belong on our Thanksgiving playlist?  Let’s get TRKY Radio off the ground.  Find me on Facebook (Billy D’Ettorre), Twitter (@RadioFreeBillyD), or email (RadioBillyD@gmail.com)

Please stay safe everyone.  I really want to see my family for the holidays next year.


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