– I just want to start this week’s blog post by saying thank you to the people who take the time to read the things I write. I know I’ll never be read as much as Dear Abby, Bob Matthews, Hagar The Horrible, or even that column that teaches people to play bridge, but the number of people reading my words doesn’t matter to me. Just knowing there are a few people who care about the things I say is enough.

Is there still a column in the newspaper that teaches people to play bridge? It used to be near the funnies when I was a kid.

A special thanks to the folks who spend an extra minute or two to connect with me online and give me their comments… they are usually very kind, and the positive feedback makes me feels good.

– Speaking of positive feedback I posted a joke on Twitter a few days ago that has gotten a shocking number of “likes” or “hearts” or whatever they are. Usually if I tweet something I’ll get somewhere between zero and a dozen acknowledgements of its existence. This one shockingly is closing in on 200 likes/hearts, and almost 11,000 impressions (the social media kind, not the Rich Little kind).

Jeez… first bridge, and now a Rich Little reference. What am I, a hundred years old?

Here’s the tweet people seem to be enjoying, in case you missed it:
::: If the FBI investigates the #MyPillowGuy would they refer to it as the “My Pillow case”? :::

Yeah, I can’t believe so many people liked it either.

If this is the type of highbrow humor you want to follow, my Twitter handle is @RadioFreeBillyD.

– This week as I write I am listening to “One Night Stand: Sam Cooke Live At The Harlem Square, 1963”. I think I’ve recommended this one before. It really is one of the best live albums of all time (and number 439 on Rolling Stone’s list of 500 Greatest Albums of All Time). Get your copy HERE.

I was inspired to revisit this Cooke classic after watching the movie “One Night In Miami” on Amazon Prime. Right now I’m too lazy to type out the premise of the movie, so if you don’t already know it I’ll let Wikipedia tell you. Wiki link HERE.

The centerpiece of the film is the heated verbal confrontation between Sam Cooke and Malcolm X, arguing about how to help black community. The account of the meeting with Sam and Malcolm (and Cassius Clay and Jim Brown) may be fictionalized, but the performances of all four actors are tremendous, and feel real.

Also, there are two documentaries that make perfect companion pieces to “One Night In Miami”…

1. The Two Killings Of Sam Cooke.
It is on Netflix, and I wrote about it last June. Read it HERE.

A big change in happening in America this week, and I for one am looking forward to it. Sam Cooke’s greatest song (recorded in 1964) feels appropriate. Video HERE.

2. When We Were Kings.
This film won the Oscar for Best Documentary in 1996 and chronicles “The Rumble In The Jungle” between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman (back when Foreman was a serious, quiet, stoic man who knew how to hit people really hard. Way before he became a funny, lovable kitchen appliance pitch man).

I can’t find it streaming anywhere, but it’s available on DVD HERE and Blu-Ray HERE. I’m glad I saw this in the theater. Was it really two and a half decades ago??? Ugh, I am old. I still have (and occasionally use) my George Foreman grill. They make excellent grilled cheese sandwiches.

– I’m ending this week’s post by asking you to send your thoughts, prayers, well wishes, positive energy, and anything else you have to my friends Brother Wease and his wife Doreen. They are both currently battling that awful Covid virus, and I worry extra because they’ve both had other health issues in the past (including beating cancer). Get well Levins.

Stay safe, stay home any chance you get, wear a mask, and get your vaccines if you can.


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