Just some quick (theoretically) random thoughts this week, most of which have to do with live music in the pandemic age…. we’ll see how long this is by the time I’m actually done babbling.

– If you didn’t make it to the end of last week’s column because it was just too gosh darned long I want to give you the link again for the site where you can look up the number one song for any date. Go to birthdayjams.com

– Live music is slowly making a comeback here in Rochester. If you are comfortable going to see bands under the right circumstances there are a bunch of really good bands playing in the area this weekend. I recommend you join a Facebook group called Get Your Gig On. On a daily basis group founder (and local music fanatic) Randy Fluker gathers all the info about what’s happening around town. It’s what Freetime Magazine used to be, but without the ads.

– My friends (and also friends of The Record Archive) The Adam Ezra Group are traveling to Rochester from their hometown of Boston, MA for four socially distanced shows this week. Tickets are VERY limited. If there are any left you can get info at adamezra.com

– If you aren’t comfortable going out in public yet you can stream Adam and his bandmates on a nightly basis via the Adam Ezra Group Facebook page. Every night between 7-8pm there is a “Gathering” where Adam (sometimes solo, sometimes with his bandies) plays songs, tells stories, and uses music to help people through these difficult times. It’s been going for about 160+ nights straight with no misses. It’ll be fun to watch an hour of each of the Rochester shows from the comfort of my own home… I’m still not going anywhere.

– Speaking of The Adam Ezra Group, I’m looking forward to their annual Ramble. It’s a festival Adam puts together in Boston where all the money raised goes to help homeless veterans, and because of COVID this year’s Ramble is happening in the virtual world, and will be 24 hours long. Music, interactive games, a cookie bake off, meal sessions, and much more will be packed into that 86,400 seconds. This takes place on August 29th, so stop at the Archive for the first Record Store Day Drop, and then head home for the online Ramble.

– Lots of my favorite musicians are streaming at least once or twice a week. Adam Weiner and Will Donnelly from Low Cut Connie have gained national attention for their fantastic “Tough Cookies” shows, having been written about in publications like Rolling Stone and Spin. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram every Saturday. You’ll probably want to join their Patreon for the bonus Thursday shows after seeing them. It’s high energy fun full off LCC originals, and a wide variety of covers where you could hear songs by Little Richard, The Doobie Brothers, and Cardi B back to back to back.

– I also recommend the weekly live streams from the fun, rockin’, inventive, super talented, married duo Sirsy. Melanie and Rich put on a fantastic show from their house in Upstate New York.

– Also, singer-songwriter extraordinaire Chris Trapper combines his great musicianship, fantastic songs, and a healthy supply of dad jokes in his weekly online visits.

– One last online concert suggestion. Just check out the lineup for this Friday’s show celebrating the birthday of Clash leader Joe Strummer at joestrummer.com and I’ll see you there. I am kind of bummed Cowboy Mouth isn’t part of the show just to do this song.

– Did you ever belong to the Columbia House Record Club? I did a whole bunch of times from the late 70s until the early 2000s. Starting with 8 track tapes, then vinyl, and then CDs, I’d get my 12 albums for a penny, fulfill my obligation over the course of a year buying however many recordings I was supposed to, and then start over again. I never cheated like I heard other people did… I don’t know if that makes me honest or just stupid. Did you know that Columbia House still exists? It’s online, and they only do DVDs now, but even with the introductory price I can still get movies way cheaper at Record Archive.

If you have comments about the stuff I write, or just want to say hi, feel to reach out via email or social media.
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Stay safe everyone, Billy.

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