– I just found out Matthew Sweet released a new album a couple weeks ago, and I’m listening to it as I write this. I’ve enjoyed his jangly, Beatle-esque brand of rock and roll since falling in love with his 90’s hits Girlfriend, Sick Of Myself, and I’ve Been Waiting.

The new record is called “Catspaw”, which is appropriate since my wife and I currently have 23 cats paws in our home. No, they aren’t just hanging around the house like some type of demented Christmas ornaments… they are all still attached to our actual cats.

If you are wondering about the math I’ll tell you that one of our six cats only has three legs. No, we don’t know where his missing appendage is. We adopted him that way.

Anyway, back to Matthew Sweet and the new album. It’s still jangly, and it’s still Beatle-esque, but it seems there is also a touch of harder edged Neil Young influence in there. I like it a lot.

Actually, as I type this sentence Sweet’s tune “Hold On Tight” is playing, and to my ears it sounds really similar to the 60’s classic “Get Together” by The Youngbloods.

I’m not saying Jesse Colin Young should sue or anything, but Chuck Berry has won lawsuits for less. Listen to the Matthew Sweet tune HERE.

Now check out The Youngbloods HERE.

Am I wrong?

I’m not wrong about liking Catspaw, and if you want a copy I suggest you stop by Record Archive, or order it from the web store HERE.

– The Super Bowl is this coming Sunday. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be playing the Kansas City Chiefs, and I’m not sure who to root for. I’d normally squeeze for the underdog, but oddly that is Tom Brady, who already has six championship rings.

The Chiefs are the defending champs, and are a ton of fun to watch. To me they are like the Harlem Globetrotters of football… sometimes I can’t believe my eyes at what they can do. I almost expect tight end Travis Kelce to have a bucket of confetti in his jersey to throw at the opposition, or QB Patrick Mahomes to pull Jake from State Farm out of the crowd to dance.

Lots of people anticipate the Super Bowl halftime show almost as much as the game itself. This year’s headlining artist is The Weeknd. I’m not sure what to expect. He is completely out of my wheelhouse of music.

I’m going to make a very embarrassing confession. This may take away any credibility I have as a musicologist (if musicologist is an actual word). Until a couple weeks ago I thought The Weeknd and The Situation from Jersey Shore were the same person.

I’m telling the truth. This isn’t one of my dumb jokes. I was wondering how he got so much more popular than Snooki that he was the musical star of the NFL’s biggest game. Shockingly (to me at least) The Weeknd has been a big deal long enough to have a greatest hits album called “The Highlights” coming out this Friday that you can buy HERE.

There is even a clean, radio friendly version of “The Highlights” available if you prefer. I wonder if DJ Pauly D or JWoww make guest appearances.

Let’s hope this Super Bowl gig pays enough that The Weeknd can buy that missing “e” for name… I learned a long time ago from Pat Sajak that vowels only cost $250.

– If you’re looking for a positive, feel good song during these gloomy days check out the new track just released by my friends The Adam Ezra Group HERE.

A solo acoustic show at Record Archive by Adam in December of 2019 was one of my last concerts before the pandemic changed the world. I’m hoping that I’ll get to safely see Mr. Adam Ezra Olshansky and his band-mates by the end of this year. I miss attending live concerts.

I’d even go see The Weeknd.

Stay safe, wear masks, get vaccinated, train, say your prayers, eat your vitamins, and be a real American. Oops, sorry… I flashed back to a Hulk Hogan WWF promo from the mid 80’s.


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